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Types of Love

Love is a mixture of different emotions, states and attitudes.  It should be expressed and given away. It can be classified to the following types:

Agape – unconditional, spiritual, selfless;

Courtly Love – romantic, idealized, ennobling

Erotic – full of sexual desire, passionate

Familial – sharing a commom ancestry, selfless, emotionally filling, reciprocal

 Free Love – not married or legally bound to another

Ludus – love as a game of conquest, unserious

Mania – low self-esteem, needy, jealous, possessive

Philia – friendly, affable, loyal, self-serving

Platonic – restrained, idealized, non-reciprocal

Pragma – practical, commonsensical, compatible

Puppy Love  – adolescent crush

Religious  – devotion to one’s deity or theology


Romantic Love  – emotional and sexual, a special love between two (2) people

Storge – friendly, committed, little passion or sex

Tough Love  – disciplinary, expressing care and concern

Unconditional  – absolute , unqualified love regardless of a person’s actions or beliefs

Unrequited – deeply desired, nonreciprocal


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