accidental touching indication of sexual attraction when one “accidentally” bridges a physical gap by gently brushing up against another person, clutches his or her arm to make a point, flicks a speck of dust from his or her shoulder, or touches his or her shoe with one’s own shoe under a table

The Dictionary of Love, by John Stark


Survey: Dating More Than One Simultaneously

Rules in Dating

For most men, dating women is not that easy especially if you’re not into that thing. One time or another, you’ll meet someone who you’ll invite for a date, only to find out you don’t know what to do in the end. A date can be a good start to get to know each other. Here are the rules you should follow to win the heart of your perfect match and have an amazing date:


  • Always be on time on dates.
  • Wear something appropriate and comfortable clothes during dates.
  • Make sure that you’re both enjoying each other’s company. Getting too serious will just make each other bored.
  • Say nice things on the way she looks, even the things she wear.
  • Make her feel that you’re interested in her, that you want to get to know her. Talk about interesting things.
  • If you’re not interested to date her again, let her know in a nice way.
  • Invite someone you like or attracted to on a date. No need to ask for your friends’ approval.
  • Be optimistic if your previous dates don’t end well.
  • Always make plans when dating and choose interesting places you would like to bring your date.
  • Consult your friends who are also dating. They can help you when it comes to dating and romance matters.


  • Don’t call your date many times, just wait for her reply. She might get irritated and turned off her phone on you.
  • Don’t date women who are not interested in you. It’s just a waste of time and you’ll just be dumped in the end.
  • Don’t be late on a date no matter what happen. Being late is a huge turn off for women.
  • Don’t talk and act with pretensions. Dating is not about lying.
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself. Women love mysteries.
  • Don’t think about anyone else while having your date. You should concentrate solely with the person you are with.
  • Don’t ever treat your date insolently. Manners are important with women.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol while on a date.
  • Don’t forget to ensure your safety when dating. Let someone know where you are going to be safe.
  • Don’t engage with sex on a first date or you might ruin everything.
  • If you’re single, don’t date a married person.