Are You Dating the Wrong Man?


Some women are having difficulty in looking for a long term partner. They always end up with the wrong man. Of course, women don’t want to get hurt and live happily ever after.

Do you want to meet your perfect match that will lasts for a long time?

Here are the men you should not date:

  • Mr. Married. Of course, this man will not be with you for a long term. Hello! He’s committed to her wife right? He’ll only hurt you. If you’re really up to long term commitment, you wouldn’t want to have a secret relationship with anyone.
  • Mr. Perfect. This man will really not work with you. You’ll just waste your time giving the best to him and still you will be appreciated. He’ll just lessen your self-esteem. You should find someone who will appreciate the things you do. Say goodbye to Mr. Perfect!
  • Mr. Loser. This man has all the downs in the world – no car, no job, no prospects and no money. You’ll be the one who will support him, financially and everything. You don’t need a guy who you’ll feed with everything. He’ll just get everything from you – you, money, sex, everything!
  • Mr. Not Attracted to You. Why would you waste your time on someone who doesn’t even like you or interested in you? Women want their men to be romantic. How could that be possible if the man you’re with could not even show attraction to you? Stop the chaste with this man girl! He’s not worth it.
  • Mr. Damaged. This man is a victim of heartache and still couldn’t move on. Don’t think of helping him recover in the past. Don’t get involved with a man who has past love issues. You might end up hurt and hoping with him. You could meet after the healing is done.
  • Mr. Indecisive. This man always prefers doing other things than spending it with you. He has many plans with himself and they don’t include you. It’s like you’re not in the picture at all! He’s not contented with what’s happening and asking for more. Dump this man before he finds someone better than you.
  • Mr. Excess Baggage. This man is either divorced, with multiple ex-partners or with children. You wouldn’t want to get involve with his children and take care of them all. He has many responsibilities financially and you might end up spending money for his children too.
  • Mr. Sportsman. This man is really obsessed with sports. He’ll find more time on his sports than with you unless you want to him too. He prefers to watch a sports channel than to go out with you. Don’t think that you can win over his sports because he’ll leave anything for sports…and that’s including you.