accidental touching indication of sexual attraction when one “accidentally” bridges a physical gap by gently brushing up against another person, clutches his or her arm to make a point, flicks a speck of dust from his or her shoulder, or touches his or her shoe with one’s own shoe under a table

The Dictionary of Love, by John Stark


Hey everyone, it’s my first post here in my new love blog. I named it Love Love Love because it’s about anything and everything about loverelationship, friendship, marriage, sex, etc. The Dictionary of Love book by John Stark inspired me to create this blog. Actually, I really had a hard time thinking about the url or domain of this blog because almost all the titles that I thought were already taken by someone else. So I just chose, since it’s the same date as today and everyone are celebrating Valentine’s Day, also include that the said celebration is really about LOVE. So it’s really connected. I’m so glad that I was able to create this today. I’ll be posting more because love speaks a lot. Feel free to read, comment, share and subscribe to my blog. Happy Hearts Day everyone!!! 🙂